Follow Your Bliss

Navigating in Woods

For some reason seeing the Zoey Coloring

book gives me goosebumps. Something

about the Black & White (B & W) makes it

special. Like a great B & W photograph, the B

& W strips off some of its modern

pretentiousness and gives it a universal down

to earth, this is really real feeling.

I love this really real feeling. In my subjective

awareness, it’s bliss.

The great mythologist and scholar Joseph Campbell said one of our most important duties as humans

was to “follow our bliss.” While this phrase has been debated greatly, I take it to mean that our mission

is to search for and follow our purpose, the thing which gives us passion, the thing that deep inside of

our heart or soul, the reason we are here. It’s a strange thing to connect to a coloring book but then

again many of us have poured our passion and ourselves into Zoey.

I’ve experienced bliss at different times during my life. When the word “GENESIS” pops up on my XM Radio

dial, I can’t help but be transported to my adolescence when Gabriel, Banks, Rutherford, Hackett and Collins

shook me to the bones. (It actually happened while I was writing this blog!)

When I stop my busy life and become mindful of my wife and my children, I experience their essence

with all of my heart as if we were seeing each other for the first time in a long time. Something dances in

the deepest part of me.

There have been many times while working as a therapist that I have experienced a sense of

connectedness that comes from a deep focus on someone else’s heart and soul. I often experience bliss

when I come upon a large body of water.

Other people experience bliss while fishing, playing golf, walking in the woods, or helping children in a

hospital. It’s really an endless list.

So, what gives you meaning?

If you are not sure, perhaps you should discover your bliss and follow it.

#followyourbliss #mindful #Genesis

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