Reviews from Healthcare and Mental Health Professionals...

Michael F. Gutzeit, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin


"Creating a positive, satisfying and valuable healthcare experience for children and their families is the common goal of all involved in that care: physicians, other healthcare professionals, family and most importantly, the child! The success of this experience is a real partnership and  begins with understanding the child through their own eyes and the eyes of the family. [Zoey Goes to the Hospital helps provide] a positive experience [that] is  more likely to occur if  healthcare providers can understand the unique cultural, behavioral, coping and anxiety triggers and responses of each child. This begins with the family (and child if appropriate) understanding as much as is reasonable about the visit when possible."

Eileen M. Clark, MSM, CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist and Family Services Manager

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

"While some believe that providing information about healthcare can lead young children to feel more anxiety, I have seen the great positive impact gained from sharing honestly and in a way that is appropriate to the child’s developmental age. As this book [Zoey Goes to the Hospital] demonstrates, with some effective tools and the guidance of assuring and trusted adults, children can become more confident and successful. Children who are prepared for a healthcare event actually exhibit less anxiety, have more sense of control, and are better equipped for coping more positively in the future."

Sandra Lardinois, MSW, LMFT

Former Medical Social Worker



"At last a user friendly strategy to help kids cope with the trauma associated with serious health issues and hospital stays.  Bill Mulcahy has nailed it with this approach.  His triangle of coping is based on solid therapeutic principles with documented success.  Yet it is a straightforward, easily learned way to empower kids and their families."

Morgane Le Pouesard

IMPAKT Project Coordinator--

Ryerson University

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M.A., Early Childhood Studies

Honors B.S., Psychology


"Providing children with medical information in a manner that allows them to not only understand but also process it is an important priority in pediatric settings. The NAME IT, TAME IT, REFRAME IT Courage Triangle provides pediatric professionals with an accessible yet powerful method to help children gain more agency over how they experience their time in the hospital.  Reminiscent of mindfulness meditation techniques, the Chill Skills are easily adaptable for children with various health conditions and medical needs, enabling an approach tailored to each child’s individual context and preferences. Overall, Zoey Goes to the Hospital offers a concise introduction to a set of invaluable tools that hospitalized children can use for coping."


Jose Sanchez

Bi-lingual Educator

Former Medical Interpreter



"No existe duda que "Kids Cope Now" representa una gran alternativa para que los niños, a través de la lectura se sientan cómodos con la idea de una estadía en un centro hospitalario o simplemente para hacer que su visita al hospital sea más amena y agradable. Ser educador bilingüe, hispano hablante e intérprete médico me da las herramientas necesarias para afirmar con propiedad que estos libros están muy bien escritos y  que son realmente apropiados para la edad de la audiencia a la cual han sido destinados. Este material representa sin duda una gran manera de llenar un vacío que aún existe en los hospitales e instituciones de salud infantil."