In 2013, owner and founder of KIDS COPE NOW, Bill Mulcahy took a tour of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW).  Inspired by their truly amazing work, Bill started to dream about writing a book for children in the hospital or going through medical treatment. 


It just so happened that in 2012, Bill, an author, psychotherapist and father of six, had published his Zach Rules Series (Free Spirit Publishing, 2012) with two titles: Zach Apologizes and Zach Gets Frustrated with the goal of helping kids work through everyday struggles using graphically presented coping strategies.


Zach Gets Frustrated featured a three step method which Bill developed while working with patients battling cancer. Based on the success of his books and the support of the three step method to make positive changes in his readers; Bill believed that children going through medical procedures and surgeries in a hospital setting could benefit dramatically from a book using the same three step coping method.  And thus Zoey Goes to the Hospital was born!


Zoey Goes to the Hospital is the inspiring story about a young girl’s trip to the emergency room and her subsequent admittance to the hospital. But Zoey is more than a book about one girl, it’s a universal story about what every kid has to cope with after getting sick and having go to the hospital: pain and discomfort, being away from home, frightening feelings, intrusive medical procedures, and not feeling well -- just to name a few things.


Like all of our books and tools, Zoey Goes to the Hospital emphasizes coping with feelings and challenges, not merely using distraction to get through. As an EMDR II therapist specializing in resolving trauma, Bill and our team at KIDS COPE NOW believe that teaching coping skills is not only an effective intervention to help the present situation, but helps prevent  medical trauma by assisting kids in processing their experience and building resiliency. Likewise, a growing community of professionals, researchers and parents are stressing the significance of teaching kids how to feel and deal with their problems and worries as opposed to avoiding or dismissing them. Of course for kids in the hospital to be successful in feeling and dealing with these challenges, they need much support from adults.


With the help of the Child Life Specialist and the powerful three step method, Zoey gradually learns about the hospital and how to cope with her many challenges. In addition to the Zoey story book, we also provide a Zoey Goes to the Hospital Coloring Book as accompaniment tool in their coping journey.


KIDS COPE NOW is really a marriage of Bill’s years of working as a therapist helping people of all ages to cope with stress and trauma, the popularity of the Zach Rules Series and the ever crazy world of Bill and his wife Melissa’s parenting of six kids including two on the autism spectrum. At KIDS COPE NOW, we really understand and respect what it’s like to cope with life's many challenges.


Our dream is that KIDS COPE NOW will make a signifiant difference in the lives of children and their families in the hospital and beyond.


Thank you for letting us be a part of helping children on their health journey. We look forward to working with you in helping KIDS COPE NOW!

Our Mission


KIDS COPE NOW is committed to making a significant difference in the lives of kids and their families, who are in the hospital or going through medical treatment, by creating and providing specially designed books and tools which help them to be able to cope better and strengthen resiliency now and into the future.




Our Values:


We are committed to:


  • The importance of feeling and dealing with medical and other life events 


  • Self-empowerment at every age


  • Family and Community enrichment


  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity 


  • The honor of being a part of kids’ and families lives


  • Fun and Play


  • Healthy mind, body, spirit and earth

How Kids Cope Now, came to be...